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Start of astrology probably goes back to the very beginning of mankind, when one realized the flow of time and natural rhythms. Astrology is a body of knowledge about the interplay of cyclical movements of celestial bodies including planets and stars which is reflected in the biosphere, but especially in the lives of human beings living here. Effect of stars and planets can be considered grades irritation various components beings, which will then result in different actions humans but also in the reactions of the world as a mirror. This creates a picture of doom. Using good introspection we know that our being amplified one or the other states in accordance with the escalation of the influence that planets or stars. It is about internal irritation, which usually leads, but also may lead to the ultimate manifestation on the physical plane. This irritation and character arises in connection with the angular distance between two elements.

Knowledge owns spiritual possibilities at birth permit one to better understand, accept and improve their social relationships. Astrology can be one of the roads leading to self-knowledge and wider development of personality, one of the ways to uncover the veil "past", behind which can be seen big picture of everything with everything. Astrology can therefore be used wherever it may act as a means of inspiring interpretations of what is currently happening, or as a tool for controlled and purposeful change.

For Whom?

Astrological symbolism is valid for every person, regardless of philosophical or religious direction, social status and health.

The Future?

Astrology deals with the development over time. The future may therefore be suggested, but cannot be clearly predicted, because before it occurs, many people will take new attitudes, and thus all to some extent shaping and finishing touches. Therefore, it is more important to focus on the present moments.