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Astrology Counseling

Astrology in humanistic and transpersonal version compares constantly changing relations of the selected file celestial bodies with ever-changing situations in people's lives. Relationships through those celestial bodies that are cyclically changing and periodically repeating the rhythms, underlie the timing and the calendar of art that were grown and grown and which guided and governed all human communities. Astrology and brings to our linear concept of time, cyclical time, a time mythical, symbolic time.

As a reaction to the name of the planet astronomer and astrologer come to mind different images, different metaphors and therefore do not need to translate into astrology dictionary or the dictionary of science. Astrology gives a different description than the world of astronomy and other sciences, and do not claim to privilege your vocabulary.

We know well that, like the laws of physics affect our lives and the rules and patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior in that the physical world, the virtual space in which people and thus astrologers move. I am aware that science currently works with eleven multiple dimensions, while our sensory phenomena are limited to four space-time dimensions of our normal world, and there are about a dozen theories of causality, some of them play a role parallel universe. Therefore, the question of whether there is a causal relationship between the positions of celestial bodies and life situations of people leave quite pragmatically opening in the future. Astrology does not seem exact natural science and therefore have no reason to test its validity and any verification as like to methods of the natural sciences.

Here we serve with best astrology counseling that include:
  • We serve the complete service through the way of post / e-mail / personal meeting / telephonically.
  • Serve you with exact horoscope predictions at your doorstep.
  • Expert advice on marry or not while suggesting perfect match for girls or boys both.
  • Whether to carry on same business or not, shift home or not, which education prove wealthy, filling of nominations in elections, marriages and lots more.
  • Special Sidh Yantra for resolving specific problems get prepare on Diwali, Holi and Grahan Night.
  • Special treatment for Mahamrityunjaya Paath, Kaal Sarpa Dosha, Marriage's Pooja, Manglik Dosha and many more.

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