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Too precious stones associated with the planets and the stars always linked with faith and relationships in the context of all the heavenly and earthly bodies. Monitoring the starry sky and its influence on the course of earthly things belong to the interests of humans for millennia. Cultures all continents describe their own names "heavenly phenomena" and its cosmological ideas integrate tightly into the picture how the world works. Practical reasons led them to follow the laws of celestial and divine efforts of the stars and conquer their power in their favor. Gemstones are not only an ornament, charms. Assist a person to overcome the various kinds of health problems and daily life problems. For most people it is just a stone dead matter; nothing more. But many of those who believe that stones have potential to emit enormous energy. A lot of healers, but also doctors - especially abroad - use gems in many problems of their patients as a complementary therapy.

Here we bring you with an expert of astrology Molana Astrosaket who suggests you about astrological gemstones with complete accuracy. After serving the world from last several successful years; Molana Astrosaket has detail knowledge about stones how these would be used in varied conditions.

As there are too many varieties of horoscope stones as mentioned below :
  1. January stated to Garnet
  2. February stated to Amethyst
  3. March stated to aquamarine, Heliotrope (Bloodstone)
  4. April stated to Diamond
  5. May stated to Emerald
  6. June stated to pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
  7. July stated to ruby
  8. August stated to peridot
  9. September stated to sapphire
  10. October stated to opal, pink tourmaline
  11. November stated to topaz, citrine
  12. December stated to Turquoise, Zircon

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